Choosing a Guardian

You can appoint in your Will a person or persons to be the guardian for your minor children. This avoids costly guardianship proceedings in court and creates stability for your children during an already difficult time.


Here are some things to think about as you brainstorm. SIgn up for one of our Guardian Nomination Workshops for guidance on your specific situation.


Who has a similar parenting philosophy as you on:

  1. Religion

  2. Education

  3. Morals


  1. Will they be good role models?

  2. Will they be as affectionate with your children as you?

  3. Are they good with children?


  1. Will taking care of your children fit into their lifestyle?

  2. Would your children get along with theirs? Would they make your children feel similarly loved to their own children?

  3. Do they live close to important people in your children’s lives?

  4. Would your children have to change schools?

Children’s Input

If the children are old enough, have a conversation about who they would like to stay with.



Focus less on the finances of your potential choice. Focus on the love and care they will show to your children. You will leave assets and possibly also life insurance for your children. You can set up a trust so that a trustee, and not necessarily the guardian, will have direct access to funds for your children.


Friends or Family

While a family member may be an obvious choice, sometimes a friend could be the right choice. Not everyone has family close by, and it is possible your children may have formed a stronger bond with close friends. Consider all options and discuss with the person you are considering. Also discuss with your family if they have any expectations of being named the guardian. Ultimately, your decision is yours to make and should reflect what you believe is in the best interest of your children.


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