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At our workshops, learn why it is so important that parents name legal guardians for their children and have it properly documented. Our Guardian Workshops are a great first step to making sure that your children is taken care of, no matter what. 


During the workshop, attorney Jenny Ling will guide you through the process of nominating guardians for your minor children.


This workshop is great for fundrasiers!! 


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FAQ's on Workshop

  1. What does the Workshop include? 


Advice and counseling on how and who to name as legal guardians for your children. You will also complete a Limited Power of Attorney for your minor children naming guardians.


  1. What will be covered at the workshop versus what will we need to follow-up on afterward?


The workshop will take you through the process of how to make a decision around choosing a legal guardian and provide information on estate planning. You will still need to meet with an attorney to draft your Will, Durable Power of Attorneys, Health Care Directive, and for some, a Trust.


  1. Do we need to know who we would want to become guardians for our kid at the workshop?


The purpose of the workshop is to help parents name guardians for their children. While it is not necessary, many parents come with some ideas about who they want and are looking for guidance on finalizing who to name as guardians.


  1. Is the workshop open to same sex and adoptive parents? 

Yes, the workshop is open to same sex and adoptive parents as long as they have the completed the proper legal documentation indicating that both spouses are the only parents and no one else can make decisions for the children.


  1. I am a single parent. Can I attend?  

If you are a single parent please call our office at 206-859-5098. It will need to be a case by case determination if this workshop will work for you. We also offer workshops for parents in pre or post divorce situations in our seminar "Keeping Your Family Out of Court & Conflict: Estate Planning and Collaborative Divorce" More information can be found here.

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